Read the FAQ Page before filing your FREE online application. 

​​​​​​​​Gulf Breeze MHP - pet friendly in Largo, Forida

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How much do I have to earn to get approved?
You need to prove that you earn at least TWO TIMES​ the rent with your application to be approved; for example, if the rent is $250/week, then YOU need to earn $750/week.  If you have an eviction or foreclosure, you may be charged additional rent up front. If you have a criminal record and do not disclose it, you will not be approved. If you have been found guilty of a crime that presents a danger to the community, you will not be approved. Self-employed applicants need to supply your latest Schedule C with 1099-MISC forms and/or Form K-1 as proof of income. W-9 employees need paychecks as proof of income.

2.  How much is it to move in?
We charge last month plus current rent to move in. We get paid the way you get paid. Monthly rent is four times the weekly rent. If you get paid weekly, it will cost five weeks of rent to move in at a minimum. If  you get paid biweekly and it is not your pay-week, then move-in is five weeks of rent and THEN you owe TWO WEEKS of rent the following Friday; otherwise, it is six weeks of rent to move in. Monthly earners pay eight weeks of rent to move in. Your last month of rent is fully-refundable provided that you (a) stay for at least 28 weeks, (b) pay all of your rent payments on time, and (c) do no malicious damage. Additional prepaid rent may be required if you have evictions or felonies on your record.

3.  What is included?
Water, sewer, trash, and lawn care ONLY. All homes are unfurnished. We do not provide window treatments. All homes have air conditioners, refrigerators, stoves, and water heaters. ELECTRIC MUST BE PUT IN YOUR NAME.

4. ​Can I reserve the home until it is ready?

Yes, if you pay the weekly Reservation Fee while we are waiting for you to take occupancy. Half of any fees paid prior to move-in will apply toward your Move-in Fee. ​Reservation Fees are not refundable. If you reserve a home and move in the same week, we will apply 100% of that weeks Reservation Fee toward your Move-in Fee. You must be pre-approved before we can accept your reservation fee.

5.  Are pets allowed?
Yes, two per household. No big dogs (over 30 lbs) in smaller trailers. No tomcats because they ruin houses. No pet charge if you move in with the pet(s). If you obtain one later, it is a $75.00 on-time fee. No “outside cats” allowed. All cats and dogs must be neutered. All pets on leashes out of the house. Please pick up pet litter or it will be grounds for eviction.

6.  What schools serve Gulf Breeze tenants?
Mildred Helms Elementary, Largo Middle School, and Largo High School. The school busses come into the park.

7.  Why do you have a Clearwater mailing address if you are in Largo?
We are an unincorporated enclave inside Largo so their police and post office don’t serve us. The Pinellas County Sheriff polices our park.

8.  Where is the bus route?
Buses run north and south on Clearwater-Largo Road at the east end of the park. See PSTA for schedules. 

9.  What amenities are available?
We have an onsite laundry facility. We do not have playgrounds, pools, or other recreation. This is Florida. The Gulf of Mexico and several Largo and Pinellas County parks are all very close to our park. Enjoy them.

10. Do you check credit? move in background check does not include a credit report.

​No. We only check Civil and Criminal records. move in

​11. What does approval mean?

We evaluate your application and either grant or deny approval. If you are approved, note that it is NON-EXCLUSIVE. Other applicants may also be approved for the same home before or after you were approved. The first party to put down either a Reservation Fee or a Move-in Fee gets first right of refusal  to move in.

12. New to town?

Unless you were transferred to our area by your firm and have a full-time job, you are "NEW TO TOWN". All new arrivals are welcome to rent monthly provided they pass a background check. You will pay 3 months in advance. You will continue to pay monthly beginning the SECOND month. Once you can PROVE stable income (60 days with same employer on a W-9 pay stub) you will get the next month RENT FREE. We will sign a new Rental Agreement based on the frequency of pay in your new job(s). 

13. What the heck is a Restomodel?

A Largo is our trademark for a full restoration of an old mobile home. These homes were built six decades ago with a life expectancy of 20 years and at some point you have to overhaul or replace. We are overhaul experts. We gut them to the metal frame, remove the tires, and level them. We replace all the supporting members with pressure-treated wood bolted to the metal frame. We use only 3/4" 5-ply plywood floors and then we overlay that with fine-finish plywood for seamless floors; better than the new mobile homes. We re-frame the walls and ceilings. We insulate the walls to R-10; way more than new homes. We insulate the ceilings to R-19; twice the new home specification. We install LED lighting like a modern condo. We put up new walls and ceilings using plywood, not cheap paneling. All the interior walls are built new with real wood, not pressed composite. We put in improved hot water heaters, appliances, cabinets, counters, toilets, A/C, windows (if the old ones aren't working), stoves, refrigerators, tubs, sinks, etc. Then, we paint the outsides and refurbish the skirting, screen rooms (if applicable), and outdoor lighting.  You will love it. move in Clearwater

14. Do you do short term rentals? No, we only do long-term move in Clearwater Largo

NO. We do not do short term rentals. Our Rental Agreement is for 28 weeks (or 7 months) MINIMUM. But, you can always pay half the balance due to move out on good terms.

15. Do you sell mobile homes? 

NO. We do not sell homes. We only rent homes. Largo Clearwater

16. Do you accept Section 8 tenants? No, we do not.

17. Do you accept agency vouchers? Yes, we do. But, Agencies must sign a MONTHLY RENTAL AGREEMENT WITH VOUCHER. They must cover first, last, PLUS security to sponsor an applicant; equal to three months rent.

18. What about bugs? Our homes are bug free when we rent them out. If you bring bugs in with you when you take possession, it is your responsibility, by law, to keep our homes bug and vermin free. That said, we can help you for less than pest service, if you request it.